About Us

Caterent is an Australian owned and operated business which was established in 1998. The owners of Caterent who have more than 50 years collective experience in the food service industry were encouraged to start up the business by the many chefs and caterers in the industry who were unable to source quality commercial catering equipment required for events. The only choice available at the time was the domestic product or custom made product, both of which were not practical or durable enough to withstand the turnover and volume required.

Since then, Caterent has been the market leader in the supply and hire of heavy duty commercial cooking and catering equipment to small and large events across Australia.

Caterent has been involved in many of Australia’s most renowned events including the Australian Tennis Open, the Melbourne Grand Prix and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games where it was the sole supplier of cooking equipment hire. Caterent is also supplier to many smaller events including fetes, street carnivals and community events.


Caterent is committed to providing customers with experienced, knowledgable service and high quality current model equipment from the world leading brands.